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Black Obsidian Gua Sha


The Black Obsidian Gua Sha tool is a flat, heart-shaped stone that comes from an ancient Chinese practice to stimulate energy flow and circulation. The tool can be used on the whole body, from scalp to toes, and it’s traditionally thought of as a scraping practice that’s quite vigorous. Using it on the face and jaw can relieve muscle tension and reduce inflammation.

HOW TO USE: After cleansing and toning, apply your favorite Max + Jane oil to your face and neck. Place the convex edge of the gua sha in the center of your forehead and move towards your temples in smooth downward strokes. Repeat on both sides. Then, place the concave edge of the gua sha at the center of your face where your cheek meets your nose and move the gua sha to the outside of your face in upward strokes. Repeat this motion in three horizontal strokes moving from the top of your cheek down to your chin and jaw bone, then repeat on the other side. This method may result in temporary redness from increased stimulation. 

Each side of the tool will yield different results so we encourage you to experiment. The benefits are increased circulation and muscle relaxation. 

CARE: Handle your gua sha with care. Gently clean it after each use with soap and water or rubbing alcohol.

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