Maintaining Youthful Lips and Max + Jane's Holiday Gift to You!

What is it about our looks that gives away our age? As artists, we’re taught to age a person in a painting by thinning their lips and enlarging their nose and ears. Sadly, it’s true that noses and ears keep growing as we age. We haven’t found a way to stop this natural process with our botanical skincare products (yet) but we have discovered how to restore the lips to the soft and full glory of youth. Read on to learn about the magical ingredients that keep your lips kissable and ageless. 

Antioxidants promote a healthy immune system, prevent free radical damage, and aid in tissue repair. Vitamin E (found in sesame oil) and zinc (found in pumpkin seed butter) are powerful antioxidants that make up the base of Max + Jane Lip Nutrient.

Essential Fatty Acids - our bodies need omega 3, 6, and 9 to maintain the skin’s natural oil barrier to lock in moisture and prevent loss of hydration and elasticity. These fatty acids are called essential because our bodies don’t naturally produce them so we need to ingest them and apply them topically for our bodies to reap their benefits.

Amino Acids help the delicate skin cells of the lips repair and rebuild to prevent thin skin and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Silk peptides in Max + Jane Lip Nutrient contain 13 amino acids to keep your lips youthful. 

When you combine these ingredients from organic, natural sources, they are deeply moisturizing, long lasting, and nourishing. We formulated Max + Jane Lip Nutrient to prevent and heal dry, chapped, or cracked skin, and keep our lips looking full and fabulously healthy. 


Since Lip Nutrient is sold in a generous half ounce container, apply a little to your cuticles to help soothe and repair your nail beds. 


Order 5 Lip Nutrients as holiday gifts for friends and family (this product is a favorite of clients of all genders, ages, and skin types) and receive the 6th one free as a gift for yourself. Offer valid between now and December 24th, no coupon needed, can mix and match The Original (non tinted and perfect for men and women) and Berry (lightly tinted). 


You can be sure that that none of our ethically sourced and organic ingredients will hurt the environment and they come in reusable, recyclable glass jars. That’s what we call holiday cheer ;) 

Happy holidays from your clean beauty fam, 

Max + Jane 

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