Chirally Correct Skincare

We’re obsessed with creating pure and effective skincare. For us, that means using chirally correct ingredients which work for your skin on the molecular level, providing maximum benefit with minimum irritation.

The term “chiral” comes from the Greek word for hand. In chemistry this refers to two sides of a molecule that are not superimposable on their mirror image, like your right and left hand. Synthetic ingredients are often created for skincare with only the side of the molecule that the skin can absorb and use. Using both sides of the molecule or the wrong side can prevent efficacy and lead to irritation.

A common example of this is alpha tocopherol (a.k.a. vitamin e). There are two types, d-alpha tocopherol and l-alpha tocopherol. Although these are almost identical, the body can only use d-alpha tocopherol, which is what you’ll find in Max + Jane Nimbus Rose and Mandarin Firming Cream.

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