Addressing Acne with Botanical Skincare

Let’s talk about acne. It has a stigma as being something that only affects teens, but the reality is that up to 50 million Americans suffer with acne annually, and many of them are adults. For those of us that have acne-prone skin, there are many contributing factors and small changes to our routines can trigger breakouts. Lately, we’ve had many clients reach out because they are experiencing breakouts on the lower half of their faces. There are two main contributing factors for this:

  1. Masks may be the single most helpful thing that we can use to protect ourselves and our communities from the spread of COVID-19. That being said, good mask hygiene is essential for keeping your skin clear and healthy. Be sure to wash masks regularly with a gentle detergent and hot water to sanitize. Buying cloth masks that can go through the washing machine is ideal and make sure to have enough so that you can have 1-2 available to wear when others are in the laundry.  
  2. Breakouts on the chin and jawline are often triggered by hormones. In addition to reproductive hormones that change around puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, we also have stress hormones. These are stressful times that we’re living in and even the people with great stress management routines may be feeling a little drained.   

Those of us who are battling acne in addition to wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and loss of elasticity in the skin have to take a different approach to our routines. Many products that are marketed for mature skin may have ingredients that can cause breakouts in acne-prone skin. Choosing products that are labeled “non-comedogenic” is a good start but since that isn’t a regulated term, products that claim it may still cause breakouts. On my personal hunt I could never find a facial oil that was truly non-comedogenic, so we set out to create one ourselves.  

Here’s the deep dive on formulater and co-founder, Susan Nichols’, process for creating Golden Pore, our non-comedogenic facial oil:


We spent many months working one on one with clients facing these skin issues to understand their needs and why there weren’t any products available in the market to address them. This part of the process is essential and allows us the space to create truly synergistic formulas. 

Our top focus when creating a new product is performance. Decades of experience formulating neutraceuticals and skincare provide a solid foundation for understanding how ingredients come together to deliver the best results. We consider the historical uses of ingredients, texture, scent, and shelf life, how ingredients will interact with one another, and the optimal timing and methods of combining them. 

The magic of Golden Pore comes from these star ingredients and their synergistic relationship with one another. The scent is earthy and grounding when you apply it, and quickly dissipates as it becomes one with your skin. 

Hemp seed oil: moisturizes the skin and helps regulate oil production without blocking pores. Hemp oil is the perfect catalyst for CBD. 

CBD: contains messaging enzymes that help skin cells communicate with one another throughout the layers of the skin. CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation, which can reduce the severity of inflamed acne, eczema, and rosacea. 

Safflower oil: is a non-comedogenic carrier oil containing linoleic acid which helps to balance sebum (oil) levels.

Sea Buckthorn oil: is an amazing source of Omega 7, the “anti-aging” omega fatty acid, and a powerful antioxidant. 

Squalene: locks moisture into your skin and helps promote healing and reduce inflammation. 

Raspberry seed oil: almost 25 per cent of this product, contains natural Vitamin E, works as SPF of 28-50 for UVB rays, and close to 7 SPF for UVA. Helps prevent aging of skin and skin cancers, and loaded with antioxidants

Rosehip Seed Oil: brightens skin, increases collagen production, and supports the skin’s natural ability to rebuild and repair. 

Calendula: is naturally antiseptic, aids in collagen production, and helps calm the skin. 

Chamomile: soothes skin and reduces redness and inflammation.

Ginkgo Biloba: is a powerful antioxidant that can help improve the texture of rough skin and encourage the natural sloughing of dead skin cells, which is an important part of keeping skin clear of acne. 

Life Everlasting: is another powerful antioxidant that helps brighten skin and reduce the signs of aging. 

Milk Thistle: is an inflammation-fighting antioxidant. 

Rosemary: is naturally anti-microbial and aids in the reduction of acne-causing bacteria called p-acnes. 

Sandalwood: helps to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation (dark or colored spots), while softening the skin. 

These ingredients are each powerhouses on their own, but fully bloom when combined into one luxurious formulation. 

Max + Jane is committed to delivering the highest quality skincare products and formulates without the use of fillers, parabens, or synthetic ingredients. Golden Pore comes in a one ounce dropper bottle, which will deliver about three months of concentrated goodness. Please recycle or reuse the glass bottle when you’re done to support our commitment to sustainability. 


If you're experiencing breakouts, follow these easy tips to help reduce them and reach out on Instagram or email to get personalized info from Max+Jane's resident esthetician at!

Top tips for reducing breakouts right now:

  1. Add Golden Pore to your daytime routine layered under your SPF
  2. Wash your mask!
  3. Manage stress by adding meditation, yoga, or journaling to your daily routine. Try a few different things to see what feels  best for you and then make it a habit. 

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