How we practice sustainability.

Max + Jane’s mission is to create products that enhance the vitality and well-being of you, our community, and our planet. We consciously choose to operate all aspects of the business in a way that maximizes sustainability.

Take a peek into our lives and see how we practice what we preach on the Max + Jane farm!

  1. We use solar energy to power our home, the farm, and our production facility.
  2. We capture and store rainwater to water the fields.
  3. We use zinc-rich pecan shell mulch from a pecan farm in southern New Mexico. Using a deep layer of mulch helps to reduce evaporation and conserve water.
  4. We use 100% recyclable glass, plastic, and aluminum packaging.

We strive to be a socially responsible business. We prioritize education, fair pay, and the well-being of our community over profit. With changes in the environment, the economy, and politics we don’t know what it will take to practice sustainability in the future. We promise to stay flexible, open-minded, and educated about what’s best for the planet and you - the people on it!

Now, take a peek into YOUR LIFE and see what you’re doing for the planet by using Max + Jane products:

  1. You’re saving water by using smaller amounts of highly concentrated products. You just need 1 pump of Transilience Calming Cleanser to clean your entire face!
  2. You’re reducing the amount of microplastics in the oceans by using the Tourmaline Exfoliant instead of commercial scrubs that contain microbeads.
  3. You’re supporting the local economy and allowing us to provide jobs for people in our rural community.

Thanks for supporting Max + Jane and helping us create a more sustainable future for the planet (and your skin)!

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