Cool Air and Breezes on your Skin

2020 has been full of change in our daily lives, including limits on where and how we travel our world. Max and I have souls that search for new adventure, and today we head for Obisidian Valley in the Valle Caldera, a beautiful National Preserve located an hour north of where we live. We will take a good stroll at high elevation, hopefully with wildlife and yellow aspens by our side. 

Aspens at higher elevations in New Mexico turn to bright golden hues in October for only a week or two, and then they begin to lose their leaves for the season. The time to get outdoors and see them is relatively short, and the reward of joy is sweet.

So, we are headed outdoors in the wind and the sun in cooler temperatures. It’s a new trail for us, and anytime you undertake something new, your brain reacts with new excitement, whether it’s a new tree you are seeing, a new park, or a piece of art that you spend a little time with. Whatever brings a smile to your face, we hope you discover or rediscover a treasure today that’s close to your home!

For us, this also means amping up our skincare with the deeply moisturizing and long-lasting Mandarin Firming Cream. It has a few special benefits. Most loved is the scent of four different citruses - tangerine, lemon, blood orange, and mandarin. Secondly, this cream has two hard-working ingredients to firm and plump the skin. One is hazelnut oil, the only oil which is moisturizing and yet astringent at the same time. The second is sea algae, which is used for its trace minerals and tightening properties. 

Interestingly enough, we formulated this cream for necks and hands, as those are the features that tend to show age most dramatically. But, soon after this product launched, our clients in harsh climates started calling Mandarin Firming Cream the “18-hour moisturizer.” They found that when they used a small amount of this rich cream on their faces it acted as a wonderful moisturizer to protect against the harsh elements of autumn and winter. 

As the days get cooler, we’ve taken a cue from our client’s to use Mandarin Firming Cream on our faces to protect against the elements. We love to produce this plant-based moisturize with no chemicals and no fillers. We hope it brings a smile to your face as it does to ours. Until the end of October, 2020 use code FIRM at checkout to receive 20% off Mandarin Firming Cream.

Here’s to strong bodies, happy spirits, and well-nourished skin!

With love,  


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